We are a business-driven organization
promoting a new regenerative socio-economic model.


A new regenerative model

Life sprouts and blossoms in the biosphere; however anthropic activities deplete natural resources (land, water, etc.) and produce residues which accumulate, hindering spontaneous regeneration.

It is time to restore what has been damaged so far, and to protect it from possible further harm. We need a new regenerative socio-economic model, which is circular, nurtures the natural capital, and pursues everybody’s well-being.

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The role of the private sector

The demand for sustainability by the society and markets is exponentially increasing, alongside the world of business which seeks to become more sustainable.

With two thirds of the world GDP, labor and intellectual property, the private sector is the main enabler in the transition towards a new, sustainable regenerative model, overtaking the old unsustainable paradigm. It plays a key role in pushing and fostering the renovation of both the economy and the society. Companies are the only stakeholders with the collective critical mass to achieve the ecological transition and improve people’s health and happiness. 


A hub for regenerative projects

RSF supports regenerative activities through knowledge management and transfer, public-private partnerships, measurement and benchmarking, and communication and promotion. We offer a systemic, practical and project-driven approach in collaboration with the broadest network of businesses and institutions.

Our goal is to restore the natural capital while preserving biodiversity and ecosystems, and pursuing the co-benefit of people & planet well-being.


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