Our commitment


The Regenerative Society Foundation is committed in the transition from an extractive to a regenerative socio-economic model.


Our aspiration is to create economic value while preserving or restoring ecosystems with co-benefits for the environment and our well-being.


We envision a regenerative society where humans live in total harmony with Nature, without polluting, and where most consumption occurs from resources that can be regenerated. 


The damages made to the environment in the past are restored, healing Planet and People.


Protection and inclusivity are core values for the safety and happiness of individuals and communities.




We want to contribute to the transition to a new regenerative society and economy by promoting the regenerative model to companies, to have the biggest possible impact in terms of circularity, ecosystem services, and people’s well-being.

The regenerative model can be achieved through decarbonisation, restoration, preservation of the Natural Capital, and circularity of the value chains, to pursue co-benefits for people and the environment.

Healthy and happy people, conscious that their well-being depends primarily on the ecosystems where they live, will reduce their ecological footprint through circularity. Circularity will avoid resource depletion and produce less residues, helping the biosphere to regenerate. Biosphere regeneration will restore carbon stock and biodiversity, which are imperative for preserving living conditions on Earth.

“We are here to start something big, to dedicate ourselves to a regenerative economy
and society, to pledge to some very specific objectives.”
Jeffrey D. Sachs