Our Work

Our value

The innovative approach of the foundation is based on the synergy between business and science, driving global research towards regeneration and working together with a systemic approach.

We unite companies, organizations, institutions, research centers, and academia, acting as agents of regeneration.

We act as facilitators of public-private partnerships, interest alignment and resource mobilization on regenerative projects.

We flourish together supporting regenerative activities to achieve the ecological transition and disseminating knowledge about regeneration.


To reach our goals, we base our work on four pillars

Our model


Knowledge & Education

We work to fill the gaps in regenerative studies, to guide research, and to disseminate knowledge about regeneration. To this end, we collaborate with internationally renowned research centers and universities.

We carry out knowledge exchange activities by providing executive education, counseling and managing research plans.

Metrics & Measurement

We provide measurables, standards and KPIs for regenerative activities, to develop a transparent methodology to ​​measure the regenerative potential, effectiveness, and scientific value of regenerative practices.

The foundation’s proprietary Regenerative Index aggregates the most relevant and most recognized existing standards to measure and benchmark impacts on biosphere, circularity and well-being. We assess, profile, and evaluate regenerative projects and activities based on their impact level. 

Project Mentorship

We will develop a ‘Regenerative toolbox’, a set of methodologies & services to support the spread of the regenerative model worldwide.

This tool will ‘train the trainers’ and assist companies in designing and implementing regenerative projects.

Public-private Partnerships

We act as facilitators between the private and public sector, to match funds and resources with the most innovative regenerative projects.

We cooperate with the private sector, as a partner for implementing and scaling up their projects, and the public sector and main international organizations, to gather support and to mobilize resources for projects.


With our voice we stand for those companies and organizations contributing to the spread of a regenerative model through concrete projects and activities.

We reach out to institutions to reach global recognition. We engage with the private sector to gather regenerative activities’ best practices. We address the general public to raise awareness about regeneration.


The Scientific Committee plays a key role in validating the scientific model of the foundation. It identifies pilot experiences and knowledge gaps, in order to bridge the distance between vision and implementation. It also supports the foundation’s work by proposing and managing the research plan to fill these gaps. 

The Committee helps the foundation to evaluate the regenerative projects with the broadest potential. It supports companies in the preliminary, intermediate, and final evaluation phases of project implementation.

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