About us


The Regenerative Society Foundation is an Italian non-profit, participatory foundation born in September 2020.

We adapted a systemic approach to better understand and manage complex systems, such as environment, climate, society, nutrition, health, lifestyle, and their mutual interactions.

The foundation is a business-driven organization, based on the synergy between business and science, to develop the transition to a fully regenerative society.


Our founders’ committee is made up of international founders and board members, who came together to form a unique multilateral coalition of global leaders. They represent pioneering companies and organizations in the stakeholder company model, and in an innovative approach to sustainability.

The foundation is co-chaired by Andrea Illy (Chairman, illycaffè & Co-founder, Fondazione Ernesto Illy) and Jeffrey D. Sachs (President, SDSN).

Supporters and partners

Several companies and organizations support the foundation from all over the world. Public and private partners also support the foundation, such as some of the most prestigious universities in the scientific and economic fields, governmental, non-governmental and financial institutions, and leading international research centers.


The Scientific Committee is the Foundation’s advisory body, a think tank for the development of the conceptual framework of a regenerative society. It is an independent body with no financial relationship with the founding enterprises or financial entities.