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To contribute to the global shift towards a regenerative model
To be at the forefront of the ecological transition
To enter a network of regeneration champions

Membership opportunities


Founders are companies and organizations participating actively in the governance of the foundation. As a founder, you will help the foundation’s mission by sharing your skills and resources. You will increase your company’s reputation by inspiring other leaders to follow the regenerative model. 


By becoming a founder, you can:

  • Access our services
  • Assess and measure the impact of your regenerative projects
  • Access resources to scale up your projects
  • Acquire know-how and scientific knowledge on regeneration
  • Participate in key international events


Supporters contribute to and promote the foundation’s regenerative projects and activities. As a supporter you will share your material and immaterial resources to help the foundation accomplish its mission. You will have the chance to join a group of regenerative leaders. 


By becoming a supporter, you can:

  • Access knowledge, tools and educational programs on regeneration
  • Engage with the most highly reputed institutions working on regeneration
  • Share best practices and create new synergies in the network to support regenerative projects


Partners can be institutions, NGOs, academia, and research centers willing to have a great impact by collaborating in implementing the regenerative model. As a partner, you will exchange knowledge and services with the foundation; with your know-how and expertise, you will contribute to supporting and scaling up regenerative projects.


By becoming a partner, you can:

  • Promote research and share knowledge on regeneration
  • Advocate for policy making supporting companies and regenerative projects
  • Design and develop research plans and dissemination projects


Together we can help a new regenerative society flourish.

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