Date and time

6 May 2023, 3-4:15 PM


Palazzo dell'Agricoltore, Salone Centrale - Parma, Italy


Companies and regeneration: the value of science

How important is for companies to measure their impact? What should be measured? And how?

To bring about a true ecological transition theoretical frameworks, benchmarks, measurement tools are needed. It is not European Union and international regulations’ to ask for them, but also consumers themselves, more and more careful about the impact of their choices on the environment.

The Regenerative Society Foundation adopts and applies a scientific approach, fundamental to measure the real efficacy of any potentially regenerative activity.

In this dynamic event organized within the Parma Green Week, experts illustrating RSF scientific approach took turns with founding companies showing best practices in different sectors and the need to measure their projects and activities to have a real impact and guide future choices.


RSF scientific approach, Paolo Vineis, RSF Scientific Director

RSF first measured regenerative project, Andrea Grillenzoni & Luca Archi, Garc Spa & Garc Ambiente

How to measure nature: tools for biodiversity, Simone Mazzola, COO, 3Bee

EU regulations on sustainable procurement, Arvea Marieni, RSF Technical Director

How to ensure a sustainable value chain, Massimo Perboni, Agricultural Director, Mutti Spa

How to measure a company’s value chain, Carlo Chizzolini, Industry & Environment General Director, Sammontana Spa

Luca Archi

General Director, Garc Ambiente

Carlo Chizzolini

Industry & Environment General Director, Sammontana Spa

Andrea Grillenzoni

General Director, Garc Spa

Arvea Marieni

Technical Director, RSF

Simone Mazzola

COO, 3Bee

Massimo Perboni

Agricultural director, Mutti Spa

Paolo Vineis

Scientific Director, RSF

Marco Panara

Editor, La Repubblica Affari & Finanza