Irinox is RSF new founding member

Parma, 15 June 2023

RSF welcomes its new founder Irinox. Founded in 1989 in Conegliano (Treviso), Irinox S.p.A. operates in the field of industrial and domestic blast chillers and with its switchboard division it deals with the design and manufacture of stainless steel switchboard carpentry. 

Irinox S.p.A. established an internal sustainability committee in 2021 to design, plan and implement projects and actions along the three ESG pillars. In October 2022, it became a Benefit Corporation with a change of statute. The company, through its projects, is working on 11 of the goals set by the European Union’s Agenda 2030.

Irinox’s sustainability starts with its blast chillers for the professional and domestic worlds that use R290 freon-free gas with zero impact on the environment. These products also help reduce energy consumption and limit food waste. The stainless steel of the switchboards, then, is a completely recyclable and environmentally sustainable material.

Irinox, in its sustainability roadmap, has set itself ambitious goals such as, for example, Carbon Neutrality by 2040 and the use of energy produced 100% from renewable sources by 2023. A sustainability that is also articulated through the desire to spread a culture of participation within the company, of an ethical and responsible communication style, and of an inclusive working environment that respects generosity equality.