Sustainability and AI

Sustainability means perpetuating life on our planet. Living conditions are provisioned and regulated by ecosystem services, which are supplied mostly by natural terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Spontaneous regeneration of the biosphere is the process which makes it possible to perpetuate ecosystem services, but it is hindered by over-exploitation.

The past present extractive linear development model is intrinsically unsustainable as it depletes natural resources as if they were infinite, while producing waste and pollution which are intoxicating the biosphere along all goods and services lifespan.

The transition to a regenerative development model is a hypercomplex endeavor which cannot be addressed with a reductionist linear approach.

Systemic approach embracing all social, economic, and environmental determinants is the only way forward. As we do not know yet how many are the determinants of regeneration, how relevant they are, how they mutually interact, how measurable they are, how quantifiable they are, and how to report them, the only technology allowing to extract knowledge is machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence exponentially increases our capacity to solve problems and develop solutions like new technologies, human behavior, and nature conservation.

The Regenerative Society Foundation promotes the transition to the regenerative model and is engaged in building the information, knowledge, and infrastructure to support companies transition though AI.

Andrea Illy