Date and time

21 June 2022, 11:00 CEST




Interconnected regenerative practices for world development: the role of innovation and public-private partnerships

This panel will focus on the best practices to stimulate interactions amongst public institutions and the private sector. It will discuss strategies to impact policy making and promote regenerative agricultural practices, acting along the entire value chain. The speakers will discuss and present innovative solutions, pilot projects and programmes, emerging knowledge gaps and opportunities to design policies based on evidence and data. The dialogue will focus on virtuous examples capable of promoting co-benefits in health & well-being, environment and economic development.

Event organized in partnership with IFAD and with the support of the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Luca Alinovi

Co-Founder, Farmshine

Alessio Colussi

Co-Founder, Farmshine

Andrea Illy

Co-Chair, Regenerative Society Foundation

Sara Mbago-Bhunu

Regional Director, East and Southern Africa Division, IFAD

Jo Puri

Associate Vice-President, Strategy and Knowledge Department, IFAD

Renzo Tomellini

Chief Technical Secretariat, Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition

Giovanna Gregori

Director, Regenerative Society Foundation