3Bee is RSF new founding member

Parma, 17 March 2023

RSF welcomes its new founding member, 3Bee, the leading climate tech company in regenerative projects that leverage advanced technology to protect biodiversity. Within the foundation, the company will be represented by Simone Mazzola, Chief Operating Officer.

3Bee employs bees as a fundamental bio-indicator, collecting and interpreting data through innovative proprietary systems to monitor the health of bees and pollinators and their connections to ecosystems. These technological systems include: Hive-Tech, a hive scale 4.0 that monitors the well-being of bees using IoT sensors; Spectrum, an AI-driven sensor for counting pollinators; Flora, a Neural Network System that analyzes plant biodiversity, developed in collaboration with ESA.

To date, 3Bee has implemented regeneration projects alongside more than 500 companies across 10 countries who have chosen to contribute tangibly to the protection of biodiversity.

3Bee also partners with research centers, schools, farmers, growers and citizens to promote the importance of preserving biodiversity. From its foundation, 3Bee has developed a local network of over 2.000 beekeepers, installed more than 4.000 IoT sensors and regenerated more than 20.000 hectares of land and forests.