AWorld is RSF new founding member 

Parma, 30 November 2023

RSF welcomes its new founder AWorld. AWorld is the platform that guides and encourages individuals to live sustainably and reduce their carbon footprint.

Created in Italy, AWorld has partnered with the United Nations and the European Commission on their common goal to drive global education on the Sustainable Development Goals and promote active citizenship.
Using their patented “Impact Engagement Methodology”, AWorld drives behavioral change by aligning user’s actions and their values. The methodology combines 3 Pillars of MeasurementEducation, and Engagement to build on a system of gamification to create sustainable habits that stand the test of time.  
As a leader in global Sustainability Stakeholder Engagement, AWorld collaborates with businesses and organizations to unite employees, consumers, citizens, and stakeholders in a shared commitment to a widespread Culture of Sustainability.

“AWorld stands as a testament to our collective responsibility for the planet we call home, declaring unequivocally: There is no Planet B” – Alessandro Armillotta, CEO e co-founder AWorld.