RSF and Trieste International Foundation for Progress and Freedom of Science sign a cooperation agreement to boost research on sustainability

Trieste, 27 February 2023

Promoting research and activities to better understand the dynamics of sustainable development and the dialogue between various scientific disciplines, with a special focus on scientific modeling to support the agro-ecological, energetic, and industrial transition: these are some of the objectives of the cooperation agreement between the Regenerative Society Foundation and FIT- Trieste International Foundation for Progress and Freedom of Science, represented by Andrea Illy and Prof. Stefano Fantoni.

The parties will cooperate within the Trieste Laboratory on Quantitative Sustainability (TLQS), a research network whose aim is to transfer and promote knowledge and to share research results to increase awareness on sustainability issues. It is divided into 7 clusters, each addressing a different aspect of sustainable development: from the blue economy to the food sector for planetary and human health; from climate change to data and social sciences; from industrial transition to terrestrial habitat’s monitoring. TLQS’ International Advisory Board is chaired by Andrea Illy and composed by 7 experts in different fields.

Last week TLQS organized the workshop Science and sustainable food. How scientific instruments can help food and biodiversity issues for the planet and its inhabitant health, a two-day workshop debating the challenges of sustainability in the food sector in three main areas: science, health, and society.

In this picture from left to right: Prof. Stefano Fantoni (FIT), Prof. Michele Morgante (University of Udine), Claudio Tiribelli (AREA Science Park), Andrea Illy during a workshop’s session.