Our Pledge

The pledge is at the heart of the Regeneration 20|30 initiative. 
Our members commit to demonstrating, sharing, and working towards their own regenerative goals by 2030.

Read the pledge below and commit to a concrete path for regeneration.

We are a coalition of global leaders and, as human beings and changemakers, we hereby commit to act as a regenerating force for society and nature. We believe that human activities and businesses should create conditions conducive to life, respect human dignity, and reignite trust in society.

Our purpose is to strive with compassion, wisdom, and courage to build a new era in which, by 2030, happiness and human well-being will be core economic and political drivers on a global scale, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals will be fully achieved, and we will have taken radical action to tackle the climate crisis.


We pledge to tackle the root causes of the systemic failure of our time and evolve beyond shareholder primacy to create a stakeholder economy.

We will strive to transform the current economic paradigm into a regenerative one, driven by interdependence and leading towards sustainability and circularity. We are committed to implementing a comprehensive measurement of our organization’s social and environmental impacts, with the same robustness adopted for financial results.

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We commit to exploring new governance models in order to include all stakeholders in economic decisions. Those are the foundations to achieve a shared and durable prosperity for humanity, regenerating our planet and creating beauty.

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We pledge to make radical decisions to tackle the XXI century climate crisis, to reach carbon neutrality in our organizations, and to accelerate the transition to a Net Zero Carbon Economy.

We hereby commit to shift our business models towards a Paris-compliant decarbonization path, well before 2050, through divestment from fossil fuels, increasing our renewable energy use, and investment in low carbon technologies.  We will collate data regularly and transparently and accept to be monitored periodically by a third party.

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Being aware that our commitments alone are not sufficient, we also demand that governments and international organizations do their part, with renewed national and local commitments.

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We pledge to contribute to improving the happiness and well-being of all human and other living beings, both within and outside of our organizations. We pledge to embrace inclusivity, tolerance, and equality for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social, and cultural background. We pledge adopt an outlook of gratitude and to let this guide our priorities.

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