Date and time

5 June 2023, 11.30 AM CET


Centro Studi Casnati - Via Carloni 8, Como


RSF at EU Green Week 2023: educating for sustainability

This year the Foundation, on the occasion of EU Green Week, is organizing an event on the importance of educating all segments of the population about sustainability.

The topic of ecological transition does not end with a set of rules to be applied at the corporate and state level, but must necessarily be accompanied by a transition of thinking as well.
This transition must also take place through the education and upbringing of students of all ages.

With the collaboration of Nativa, the Regenerative Society Foundation offers educational solutions to help students and professionals become familiar with the concepts of sustainability, ecological transition and regeneration. The #UnlockEducation project is an example of this: created at the behest of the Italian B Corp movement and dedicated to 14- to 25-year-olds, it is an original educational format that in 10 episodes offers a solid and comprehensive basis for understanding the transformations taking place and the important challenges that, as a civil society, we face.

Marco Segato

Augmented Intelligence Practitioner, Flowe

Laura Arrigo

Coordinatore attività educative e didattiche, Centro Studi Casnati

Federica Quartesan

Docente, Centro Studi Casnati | Global Schools Advocate for UN SDSN

Arvea Marieni

Technical Director, RSF

Tommaso Bulgarelli

Evolution Guide, Nativa

Susanna Potestio

Evolution Guide, Nativa

Andrea Grieco

Head of Impact EU Climate Pact Ambassador, AWorld

Nadia Paleari

Global Partnerships and Events Project Officer, SDSN Youth

Chiara Patitucci

Programme Manager, RSF