Andrea Illy joins the Club of Rome

Milan, August 31, 2023 

Our co-chair Andrea Illy has been invited to join The Club of Rome as a member, an international think tank at the forefront of promoting impactful initiatives and sustainable solutions to address global challenges and achieve a more equitable world, founded in 1968 by the Italian entrepreneur Aurelio Peccei. With a rich legacy spanning several decades, The Club of Rome brings together individuals who are passionate about tackling complex issues such as climate change, resource scarcity, poverty, population growth, and social justice. A vibrant community of thought leaders, academics, policy makers and practitioners committed to generating innovative ideas and transformative strategies.

I am honoured to join a very high-profile international think tank whose vision I fully share. Fifty years after the publication of The Limits to Growth, it is crucial to recognize our trajectory with respect to the planetary boundariesForty years from now we will have twice the consumption we have today: we must act with a systemic approach before passing the point of no return. As entrepreneur I have always tried to contribute to people and planet wellbeing though social, environment and economic sustainability and I am more and more committed for the future. As co-chair of the Regenerative Society Foundation, I hope we can boost an unprecedented and coordinated effort from the entire society to address the systemic unsustainability crisis threatening our future” – said Andrea Illy.

Sandrine Dixson-Declève, co-president of The Club of Rome said: “Our mission since the Club of Rome’s inception by Aurelio Peccei in 1968, is to bring together thought leaders and innovative thinkers from across the globe who are united by the need to address the “human problematique” through systems logic, complex thinking and knowledge exchange. Today’s poly-crisis and super wicked problems necessitate a diversity of solutions and radical new partnerships across our natural, financial, economic, political and societal ecosystems. It is for this reason that we are pleased Andrea Illy will join our esteemed members in co designing 21st century solutions to address today’s planetary emergency. Not only has Andrea built his career on shifting illy coffee towards sustainability and regenerative practices but his inquisitive mind and dedication to science based innovative business practices is a perfect fit with the “No Limits to Learning” and thought leadership legacy of Aurelio’s Peccei.”