Carbonsink is RSF new founding member

Parma, 30 November 2023

RSF welcomes its new founder Carbonsink. Founded in 2011, Carbonsink is an Italian climate consulting company with over ten years of experience in developing decarbonisation and climate risk management strategies for companies. 

Carbonsink, part of the international South Pole group, provides strategic and customised consultancy in the fields of carbon management and net-zero strategy, accompanying companies along the process of measurement, target setting, emission reductionfinancing of climate action beyond the supply chain, and reporting. Carbonsink’s strategic consulting services are coupled with the development of climate action projects certified according to the main international standards, with positive impacts on climate, biodiversity and sustainable development.

Climate action is a collective effort. Carbonsink is delighted to join the Regenerative Society Foundation – an opportunity to shed light on the links between climate, nature, community and economic development, and to combat climate change at the scale needed” – Guido Alfani, General Manager Carbonsink.